Do you remember her? Do you remember the little girl who enjoyed the freedom to choose her clothes for the first time? The little girl who didn’t let the world define her? She didn’t care about what anyone else thought. She wrapped herself in polka dots and stripes without pausing to consider the color scheme. She grabbed the tutu and and everyone’s attention as she pirouetted with a cape twirling around her. She made us laugh and squeal with delight at the smallest things and every now and then we remember her, but somewhere along the way, we lost her. I want to help.

This fall, I had the pleasure of traveling to Irvine, California to speak to a group of girls, and I was shocked to find out how many girls were willing to admit that they have placed their confidence in the hands of their friends, only to find it mishandled and broken. They talked to me about the power they’d felt to take their confidence back after my session, and, in turn, give themselves permission to pursue their goals, and I am crazy excited for them! The truth is, some of us only need one encounter with inspiration, one person to remind us of the potential that lies within us, one strategy to pursue our goals, but others of us need a little more. There are many of us who need a little more: more time, more encouragement, more systems in place to help us strategize how we’re going to pursue our best life. That is where I come in.

My Virtual Confidence Class is a five week coaching class and mentorship group for tween and teen girls around the country and the world who need a healthy space to discuss self esteem, social media, and goal setting because transformational change takes place over time. I am committed to seeing you realize your potential as you recognize your worth, and this class is going to give us the opportunity to motivate one another. Each class will be held in real time and we will have objectives to review during every session that are guaranteed to set them up for success. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to our friends through social media and trading our confidence in for likes. The weekly electronic downloads that each participant will receive will not only support them throughout the weeks we meet, but long after our time as well. Space is limited so register today at this link.

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