How bold are you?

How bold are you?

By Liv Dooley

When you’re around a group of girls, you’ll usually hear someone say, “JK, JK,” or, “I was just playing!” or “I guess she couldn’t handle it.” The problem I have with us, girls, is that it’s usually connected to something negative. Any time I talk with girls about their confidence, they usually tell me something about how honest they are despite whose feelings it may hurt or how the other person may take it. True confidence is richly rewarded, though, because it’s connected to love. Sure, we need to love someone enough to tell them the truth, but what is the truth we’re so desperate to share. Is it that they matter? Is it that they are a good friend? Is it that better is coming? Orrrr….is it that they’re not good enough? Is it that they don’t meet our standards?

This summer, I extended an invitation to join my internship team and I was shocked by the level of confidence the girls have! I mean seriously. It wasn’t that they knew exactly when to say and how to say it. It was all about what they had to say. They got in front of the camera to share information about their personal relationship with God in front of the hundreds of people who would view it on social media, and they didn’t hold a thing back. They laughed at their quirks and displayed what it means to love ourselves for everyone. If you want to see one of our interviews, click here.

If that makes you want to cringe and run for cover, I understand. God gives each of us confidence to show love to the world in different ways and not all of us enjoy talking in front of large groups about deeply personal topics (although I do, lol!). My point is, what have you placed your confidence in lately? You’ll be able to identify it by what you’ve gotten caught up talking about lately…Is it your reputation, the amount of money you want, the grades you’ve been getting, and your friends? Even though those are natural subjects to talk about and share, I want to know how much you’ve been talking about them! The Bible tells us that the issues of our heart are shared through the things we talk about (my paraphrase of Matthew 12:34). If that’s true, what’s been on your heart lately and what is your confidence in.

As a teenager, my confidence was in my friends, my grades, my car, my jobs, my goals, and my reputation, but somewhere along the way, it switched. All of those things failed me at one point or another, but I quickly started realizing that Jesus never will. Why don’t you have a conversation with Him today. I know He’d love to talk to you. Repeat after me:

“Dear God, I want to be confident and bold about things that make you smile. I want to share truth with others in love. Help me to see myself how you see me. You say I’m beautiful. You say I am loved. Let those truths change the words I speak a little more every day. In Jesus name, we pray, amen.

Love you girls!

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