Creativity From Quarantine

I know that lots of you have been bored during the quarantine, so I got with two of the girls from the Colorfully Candid Book Club to show you what types of things you can do to support your goals and your growth during this time. Get creative! This time does not have to be wasted watching Netflix! 

I think one of the best things about hard times are that they show us what’s in us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to be more creative than ever lately. TBH, I love it. I have also loved hearing all of the things that the girls I mentor have been doing. Some of them created music videos to original songs they’ve written. Some of them have participated on panels to support others’ growth during this time. Some of them have started developing their skills and interests in cooking, writing, photography, and painting. Think about it…would we really be doing all of this if quarantine hadn’t hit? I really don’t think we’d be as creative as we are right now.

I know states are starting to open up back now, but I actually hope that some things remain changed forever. I hope our creativity continues to grow. I hope we remember how strong we are. I hope we continue to be intentional in the ways we spend time with our family. I hope we keep riding bikes and walking in order to get active.

I could go on, but my primary hope is that you remember you are loved and God has plans for you, beyond this quarantine. They’re not over, and, I have to share, that they’re not even interrupted. Yep, God factored this quarantine in to the plans He has for your life. It may not all make sense right now. There may be a little bit of a sting when you hear that right now, but it won’t always be like that. I’m crazy grateful for the enjoyment and the pain in my past. Hold on and you will be too. For now, if you want a laugh (or at least a smile) and a fresh recipe to stir up your creativity, click here.

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