God’s Love and The Art of Creating a Business

Hi! I’m Lindsay. I am the owner of a business called “CreativeLindz.” I’m a singer/songwriter, and I love to write. Creativity is a natural part of my identity. There is one main thing that all of my current professions have in common; they require a HUGE amount of support from the right people, including myself, in order for me to succeed. I’m super fortunate to receive mentorship from a Vocal Coach, The Colorfully Candid Paradigm, and many other places where I gained opportunities to help me grow as an individual! 

Starting a business on my own was not easy. At all! CreativeLindz is a skincare/makeup brand, but it is also much more. When I founded CreativeLindz, I wanted everyone to find a source of happiness, comfort, and healing within themselves. I searched for something that made me stand out from the rest. Did you know that 7 in 10 teenage girls believe they are not worthy of love? With that in mind, I wanted to make a change. I realized that what makes me stand out is my willingness to help others, and my positive attitude! The bible says we all have the chance to be powerful when we understand God’s love and have faith (2 Chronicles 20:20). Using things like positive affirmations, safe ingredients, and kindness when dealing with customers is an element about my business that I LOVE. I hope to reverse the statistic of Low Self-Esteem in the years to follow. 

Not everyone enjoys singing, writing, or even creating. Many teenagers want to establish a living for themselves, get a job, and learn about who they are, which is totally fine! Using “training wheels” like vision boards, journals, and the power of God has helped myself, and so many other people, know what they want in their lives. Once you know what you want, you can find a way to incorporate your passions into your work. Having mentors, Like Ms. Liv, helps so much with manifesting your dreams. Talking to safe leaders in your circle gives you the chance to receive helpful information about your dream job. 

Here is something you can ask yourself when you feel discouraged: How has God told me to get through this? In Exodus 15:2, God says that with his strength, we have victory. He also states in Isaiah 41:10 that he will strengthen us when we feel anxious. Through all of my rough times, such as: Creating a brand new business, feeling nervous to sing, and rising above depression, God has been my strength. He will also be yours. So, whenever you feel doubtful, reach out to a mentorship program, like the Colorfully Candid Paradigm, for spiritual, personal, and mental guidance.

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