By Liv Dooley

People refuse to believe I’m an introvert, but it’s true! I feel reenergized and more creative than ever when I’ve spent time by myself, but everyone is not like that. Today, I’d like to invite you into five different activities that I enjoy doing all the time so that you can enjoy a little refreshment in your relationships with your daughter, just in case you’re running out of ideas during this quarantine.

  1. Enjoy the Spa at Home: You can find everything you’ll need for the Lavendar Honey Sugar Scrub I made in your kitchen. Click the description box in the video to get the full recipe.
  2. Play with a Few Pretty Things…Even though I don’t have a large garden yet, I actually find it really relaxing. Whether you like to, or not, here’s a fun DIY project you might like to do.
  3. Bring Your Favorite Restaurant Home…
  4. Find a Good Book…If you’re looking for options, allow me to recommend Three Wishes and a Prayer: The Third Colorfully Candid Diary.
  5. Enjoy a Praise Party: Want to hear my new theme song, the one I’m jumping to in the video? Click this link and let me know if you love every minute of it as much as I do!  

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