By Liv Dooley

May I invite you to develop new expectations, set new goals, and join a new move of God that will revive our earth this year?

We are here to keep our hands high all year long, raised in expectation and praise to our Heavenly Father. But if we’re honest that can get hard sometime, especially in these times.

Sometimes, we have a year like 2020 that continues on in to 2021, irregardless of how carefully we work to set our intentions and renew our mindsets. Sometimes we have go through a rainy season that tests our faith without end in sight. Other times, we fight spiritual battles, just like Moses and the Israelites, that are intensified all the more because of the length of time they endure.

Well, if you are there or find yourself going through that at all this year, allow us to serve as your Aaron and Hur. Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms during the Israelites’ battle with the Amelikites in Exodus 17:11-12, and every time that they held up his arms, the Israelites began to take ground and win against the enemy. However, when his arms began to fall, the enemy began to prevail against God’s chosen people.

We are here for you:

🙌🏽 In the good times and bad;

🙌🏿 In the disappointment and success;

🙌🏻 And in the ease and among challenges. 

We’d love to pray for you and praise God with you. We host prayer monthly so let us know if you ever need reinforcement because God continues to show up and move as only The Faithful One can when we call out to Him. I hope to see you at some of our programming this year because when you show up, you help hold up our arms. Comment below at any point you need prayer or email us and know that we will be here for you!

Love you!

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