By Tiffany Day

One early morning, I went and sat outside on my balcony my meeting place with the Lord. I came out here right before the sun came up. As I began to journal and talk about some of the places I felt I had slipped in being a mother, the sun began to be peek over the mountains. God said, “Look at the sunrise,” so I did, and as I watched the sunrise, I felt the word NEW my spirit. New mercies. New compassion. New chance. New day.

What God is saying to many of us as moms is that it is true that we fall short some days by running ourselves ragged, not being present mentally or emotionally for our children, and/or making poor choices concerning our babies, but it is also true that we receive new mercies and new compassion daily. His grace is sufficient. It is ok that you have made mistakes in your parenting because as long as you have breath in your body, you are able to correct it. This goes for moms with kids of all ages. I’m simply here to encourage you this month as I let you know, “YOU GOT THIS!”

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