by Liv Dooley

Vision boards have become incredibly popular in 2020, but just in case you’re still on the fence, let’s chat about them.

First of all, are they Biblical or is it a product of new age thinking?

Yes, they are Biblical! Habakkuk 2:2-3 records a prophecy from God, instructing His people to write the vision or His answer on the tablets so that those who read them may run with them because the vision is for a future time. Now, even though there is some dispute over whether or not this is an encouraging verse because of all of the trouble that God shares will happen to the Israelites, it’s an incredibly inspiring verse. God shares that after the Israelites endure the trouble He predicts in exile, He will rescue them and continue to bless them. Isn’t that what we want our vision to accomplish? Don’t we want to keep the inspiration before us so that we can continue to grow instead of settling for less than God’s best when opposition comes?

Why are they important?

Vision boards are important because they help to keep the vision in front of you. They help you to remember the goals that you are working toward every day. They help to remind you that better is coming if you can press past the discomfort of the present moment when it gets hard. They help you to remember what activities you should be involved in, who you should surround yourself with, and what to keep before the Lord so that you don’t become discouraged with the lapse of time.

How do you create one?

You can create a vision board in whatever format that you enjoy using most. In the past, I’ve bought incredibly nice cork boards to add pictures to, but I’ve also used Canva to create an electronic one that I added to the home screen of my phone. I have a board on Pinterest, and there are times when I just use cardboard. All you need are old magazines and newspapers, cardboard or paper, scissors, and glue. If you want to get creative, you can find great words in fancy font like Natasha Lau Johnson did this weekend at a vision board party I attended, but you can also simply cut them out of a magazine as well.

Can anybody make a vision board?

Absolutely. This is a great family project or one to do with your daughter.

Do they work?

Yes! It’s crazy how much so. I have watched most of the goals I established on my first vision board come true over the years, and I have to admit I was surprised at first. Why do we act like that? Why do we become surprised when God actually blesses the prayers we have before Him? Anyway, I placed a quote by Dave Ramsey on my board in 2011 because I wanted to become financially free. I didn’t know who Dave Ramsey was or what he did. I just found the quote in a magazine, and realized it was a goal God would bless if I disciplined myself before him. Within four years, I had read his book (which was not a plan), paid off all of my debt, and my husband and I received the opportunity to appear on his live show. It was bananas! I have lots of other instances I’m willing to share if you’d like to know so just comment below. For now, just know that God loves you like crazy and He has plans for you so I hope you become inspired enough to find your vision in Him as you pursue your best life.

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