Life is challenging, but it’s also precious, exciting, and incredibly rewarding.  We’re here for all of it.

We’re here for all of it.

Life is challenging, but it’s also precious, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. 

Finding Joy In God’s Presence

In those moments, when the man you love the most in the world appears to be battling for his life, your faith in God becomes very real. It’s not like a foxhole prayer, a mere cry to God in my distress. [There is a saying in the military that there are no atheists in a foxhole.] Read our latest words of encouragement from Barbara Hollace.

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A Cleansing Cry

Denise Wheatle writes, “Before the surgery, I was an elementary school teacher of 17 years, a worship leader, and a singer/songwriter. After the surgery, I couldn’t even walk!” Read our latest blog to find the hope through your tears today.

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Believing In And Believing Him

God hadn’t just lavished us in His favor the years prior – He was preparing us. He was preparing us to walk through difficult times with praise on our lips. Read our newest blog by Christine Prato-Coleman.

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Believing and Belonging

I was holding onto as much power and control as I could, just like I always had. I believed in God. But, I didn’t trust Him, yet. Read a few powerful words about how to let your light shine as you embrace God’s strength from Cristi Schroeder.

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A Necessary Change

There were things and people in my life holding me back from walking in the purpose God had for me, and I knew there was something more to this life than just observing what God was doing for other people. But what was really holding me back was….keep reading this article from Zatoyia Jones Colquitt

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Held Only By His Hand

I know God is real because He led me through the hardest times of my life and He made sure I would be okay on the other side. Read our newest article by J.A. Sellers.

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